Liquid & Solid waste acceptance

Phoenix is an organics recycler, processing discarded organic matter to create a high quality soil conditioner to be sold on bulk or mixed to create landscaping soils.

We are able to accept solid, liquid and sludge waste and have infrastructure established to manage odorous materials without impact to the community.

All waste acceptance is to be approved prior to acceptance at site.

Please call the office on 07 3807 5699 to make an enquiry or seek prior approval.

The Site generally accepts the following feedstocks:

• Green waste;
• FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics);
• Liquid food waste;
• Grease trap waste;
• Food and food scrap waste;
• Solid and dewatered food processing waste;
• Saw dust (excluding sawdust from chemically treated timber);
• Untreated wood waste;
• Vegetable oil waste and starches;
• Poultry processing waste;
• Fish processing waste;
• Filter cake and presses;
• Fertiliser and fertiliser washing;
• Animal wastes including livestock; and
• DAF sludge

If you can’t see your material on the list, please do not hesitate to call our offices. We can help you determine if you can Recycle with us!