PC100 prescription compost

Phoenix’s Signature Compost Blend!
We screen this blend to numerous different sizes, and use it as the base for all of our garden and Underturf soil blends.

Our PC100 can also be purchased as a straight mix, on its own. It is exceptional, nutrient enriched compost, which is loaded with biology and microbial activity to rejuvenate and add nutrients to damaged soils or other growing media.

This product can be used:

  • As an additive for correcting site soil over small or large areas
  • As a nutrient boost for existing garden beds
  • As a booster for fruit and vegetable growers.

The 12 to 16 week composting cycle generates heat that will destroy weed seeds, pathogens & poison residues. The composting process will also allow for a controlled release of nutrients to the soil, acting as an organic fertiliser, which contains all essential nutrients and allows availability of these for vigorous plant growth. General Screen Size = 0-20mm

PC100 prescription compost organic compost Gold Coast