Accreditation & Industry Memberships

Phoenix operates under stringent quality control measures with all organic waste monitored upon receipt through the composting phase and tracked through their internal and external systems. It is imperative standards are maintained to ensure end products are of a consistent quality and pollutant or contaminant free. All composted products are laboratory tested and certified by an outside source before distribution. During the in-vessel process our SCADA controlled system maintains a comprehensive set of data recording ever parameter of system operation to ensure that the product meets the deemed requirements and optimises the process.

Phoenix Power Recyclers operates a fully licensed composting facility for organics and is licensed and accredited with various membership organisations.

Phoenix are members of the following Industry Associations:

  • WRIQ ‘Waste Recycling Industry Queensland’
  • AORA ‘Australia Organics Recycling Association’

Phoenix hold the following Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA) Licenses:

  • ERA 33 – Crushing, milling, grinding, or screening
  • ERA 53 – Organic material process.
  • ERA 54 – Mechanical waste processing
  • ERA 55 – Category 2 Regulated and General waste reprocessing or treatment
  • ERA 62 – Waste transfer station operation