Onsite Soil Amelioration & Remediation

For Urban Development and Civil Constructions Projects; Have you considered your options to reuse the existing topsoils onsite?
Carting away site soils and carting back Manufactured Soils adds a huge transport cost to the project.

With a simple laboratory test, we will be able to assess the health of the existing soils onsite and provide a program to screen and treat the soil to bring it to the necessary Industry Standard (Main Roads Spec, Australian Standard Spec, or any other Landscape Architects Spec, for that matter).

Using our Signature Compost -  Prescription Compost 100 (PC100) you will be able to ameliorate the soils you have onsite, significantly reducing Landscaping costs and the Environmental Impact of your project. Our PC100 is a nutrient rich, organic material that can be blended into soils to increase Water Holding capacity, Cation Exchange Capacity and disease and pest resistance in plants.

Re-utilising the onsite topsoil has other advantages too:

  • Using soil native to the site will minimise the risk of importing additional weed & pest species and varieties.
  • Less disruption to the microbial relationships onsite.
  • Not only will there be a cost saving on Transport and Manufactured Soil purchases, but the volume of product that needs to be purchased will be significantly lower.